N Brown investment case study (50% return in 8 months)

N Brown long-term results 2013 01

N Brown is a FTSE 250 company with more than 20 different internet and catalogue home shopping brands, mostly selling clothing and household goods.  You might even recognise some of them, such as Figleaves.com, Simply Be and JD Williams. The company was added to the UK Value Investor model portfolio in May 2012 at 241.5 […]

2012 Performance review


I’m sure you’ve heard it said many times before that investment returns don’t correlate to our cycle around the sun, but a yearly review is still a good idea.  In fact, reviewing a portfolio’s performance on an annual basis, rather than monthly or quarterly, is likely to improve returns by reducing the number of bad […]

Why I never use stop losses


Every now and then I’ll see another investor mention stop losses, and how they use them as part of their exit strategy.  While on the face of it these automatic selling mechanisms seem to make a lot of sense, they leave a lot to be desired both philosophically and practically. I won’t mince my words: […]

Are Next shares a good investment?


Next plc has done a seriously impressive job for shareholders over the last decade.  The company has increased sales, earnings and dividends consistently, right through the recession.  The share price has gone from just over 700p in 2002 to more than 3,500p today.  That’s a gain of around 400%, without counting dividends. What’s most impressive […]

How to be a great investor, by choice


Like any activity where the results are affected by talent, some people are born to be great investors; but most are not.  Most private investors fail to match the returns of professional investors, and most professional investors fail to match the returns of a simple index tracking strategy. However, great investors do exist and, although […]