FTSE 100 valuation for November 2013

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The FTSE 100 has had another good year so far, up more than 15% including dividends.  From the lows of March 2009 its total returns have been more than 100% and some investors have started to get nervous.  The “wall of worry” is as good a description as any; the higher the market goes, the […]

Diversifying your shares: Some additional factors

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In my last post I asked “How many different shares should you hold in your portfolio?“.  But there is more to creating a diversified portfolio than simply owning shares from many different companies.  You wouldn’t have diversified very much if you won the lottery and then spent it all buying every pub in your local […]

How many different shares should you hold in your portfolio?

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Diversification is usually thought of as a way to reduce risk, so that’s where I’ll begin.  At its heart it’s a pretty simple concept and one with which you’re probably already familiar, but the basics are important.  I would say that at least 80% of your investment results will come from a dedicated and consistent […]

Imperial Tobacco shares: Buy, hold or sell?

Imperial Tobacco results 2013 11

Imperial Tobacco published its preliminary results on November 5th, with the news that its dividend would go up by 10%.  That’s a nice increase, and it’s in line with the company’s policy to increase the dividend by 10% each year over the medium-term.  With the shares around 2,350p the dividend yield is close to 5%, […]

New interactive stock screen

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Ever since I started publishing an exclusive investment newsletter back in 2011, I’ve had requests for an interactive version of my defensive value stock screen.  Originally it was (and still is) printed in the back pages of each monthly issue, but eventually I did as requested and started emailing out a weekly spreadsheet version as […]

Why closet index trackers need to be regulated out of existence

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The point of most actively managed investment funds is to beat the market, but in order to beat the market they must in some way be different from the market. Generally speaking, the more different an investment fund is from the market the more chance it has of outperforming.  On the other hand, the more […]

Pension fund managers: Are they ignoring sustainability risks?


Most people would expect pension fund managers to take a long-term view of the investments they manage but, as Prince Charles recently pointed out, that isn’t always the case. In a short video to the National Association of Pension Funds, the Prince outlined why pension fund managers arguably have a duty to “identify and manage” a variety […]

Is SABMiller’s recent poor performance a buying opportunity?

SABMiller results 2013 10

SABMiller is right near the top of my list of companies to buy.  It’s one of the most successful companies in the FTSE 100 and has nearly tripled in value since the financial crisis.  Earlier this year the shares peaked at more than 3,600p, although they’ve since dropped by around 15%.  So they’re cheaper than […]

How to get a progressive dividend income from your shares

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Progressive dividends are the Holy Grail for many investors.  They want steady, reliable dividends paid out from the companies they own because they want a progressive income from their portfolio as a whole.  But you don’t have to have an obsession with progressive dividend paying stocks just to get a steady, inflation beating income from […]

Go-Ahead shares return 36% in less than 2 years

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Go-Ahead is one of the UK’s busiest public transport companies, with a focus on urban markets. It is split fairly evenly between rail and bus, with most of the company’s revenues coming from rail, while most of its profits come from regulated and deregulated bus divisions. Public transport is a relatively steady business to be in, and […]