Are Next shares a good investment?


Next plc has done a seriously impressive job for shareholders over the last decade.  The company has increased sales, earnings and dividends consistently, right through the recession.  The share price has gone from just over 700p in 2002 to more than 3,500p today.  That’s a gain of around 400%, without counting dividends. What’s most impressive […]

How to be a great investor, by choice


Like any activity where the results are affected by talent, some people are born to be great investors; but most are not.  Most private investors fail to match the returns of professional investors, and most professional investors fail to match the returns of a simple index tracking strategy. However, great investors do exist and, although […]

Whitbread: Are hotels, restaurants and coffee a good investment?


I have a pretty simple approach to investing; look for good companies at good prices.  It’s not exactly rocket science, but it does require looking at the bigger picture, and the guts to back your own opinion over the market’s. So what is a good company?  Again, that’s pretty simple really.  It’s one that’s profitable […]

The investor’s mindset


The most important thing for active, self-directed stock market investors to have is the right mindset.  Having the right mindset can help you ride out the ups and downs of the market, and keep you focused on the things that really matter.  It can also help you take advantage of the manic depressive Mr Market, […]

Investment case study: UK Mail Group generates an annualised return of 33.7%

UK Mail Results

This investment case study will dig into many of the specific steps I take to buy, hold and sell great businesses for income and growth.  But before I begin, I want to point out one thing.  Annualised returns of 33.7% are NOT a realistic expectation for any investment in the stock market.  The returns for […]

Should you adjust your portfolio when the UK recession ends?


Adjusting an investment portfolio to fit the changing economic climate is one of the most obvious things an investor can do. During the tech-boom of the 1990s the smart money was in high tech companies; even many blue-chip technology companies posted extraordinary gains during that decade.  For example, Vodafone gained 1,000% in just over three […]