Are these 3 investment mistakes costing you 6 percent a year?


The average active, private investor underperforms the stock market by anything up to 6 percent a year. 6 percent may not sound like much when compared to the 20 percent or so that many investors expect, but consider this: The team behind the Barclays Equity Gilt Study found that the stock market returns about 5% […]

Case Study: Interserve investment returns 117% in 2 years and 4 months

Interserve Chart

Interserve is a FTSE 250 listed support services and construction business with a current market cap of £651 million.  It’s a steady company in a relatively dependable industry and it makes profits every year while diligently paying a growing dividend.  To most investors it probably isn’t that exciting and looks little different from so many […]

Mind the Debt – Why FirstGroup’s problems were easy to spot


Risk is more important than returns.  When investors focus primarily on returns they’re likely to get sucked into whatever has done well recently and to ignore the central importance of risk management.  That is, until a major risk crystalises and whacks them around the back of the head. That’s exactly what we’ve seen with FirstGroup. […]

Has dividend investing become too popular?


Dividend investing seems to be all the rage at the moment.  What with interest rates below inflation and bond prices dangerously high, it seems like everyone is suddenly a dividend investor.  Usually when an investment strategy becomes popular it’s time for smart investors to look for the exit.  So should dividend investors move onto something […]