Why I’ve sold Royal Dutch Shell PLC

Royal Dutch Shell Share price performance 2014 08

While I always invest with the expectation of holding the shares for a number of years, it doesn’t always work out that way. The stock market is a volatile and unpredictable place and sometimes what was attractively valued one day may look significantly less attractive just a few months later, and that’s pretty much what happened with […]

Passive and active investors want a level playing field

ROI - return on investment

Passive investors and active investors have both been helped enormously by the number of websites that collate investment related data and present it in a readily digestible form. However, some of these are hosted by investment product providers and may not offer a complete overview of the market for commercial reasons. Leaving those aside these sites, […]

The 10 most progressive growth stocks in the UK

Rising dividends

Growth is an important aspect of value, and progressive growth is especially important to defensive value investors like me. I prefer to measure progressive growth by counting how often a company’s annual dividends went up over the past 10 years. Because dividends aren’t the whole picture I also do the same for earnings and revenues. […]

Rolls-Royce shares: Are future growth prospects enough to offset a low dividend yield?


Rolls-Royce shares have long been a favourite of defensive and income-seeking investors. It’s easy to see why if you look at its long record of inflation beating dividend growth. The company almost doubled its dividend between 1992 and 2002 and more than doubled it in the following decade. That’s no mean feat for such a […]

This low volatility stock market will not last forever

stock market

This is a guest post by Robert Davies of Maven Capital Partners. Rob manages a passive “smart dividend” fund which tracks an index weighted on the size of a company’s dividend payments rather than its market cap. One reason so many investors dislike equities is the volatility that accompanies them. Most investors can remember the […]

Which bank shares to invest in: HSBC?

office building

If you’re a relatively defensive investor you probably have (or perhaps more accurately, used to have) bank shares near the top of your investment wish list. They’re mostly big, stable companies that have been around for many decades, and even centuries in some cases. Most of the time they grind out profitable dividends year after […]

10 Fast growing UK dividend growth stocks

Dividend Growth Chart

If you’re looking for dividend growth stocks with progressive dividends and rapid growth you might find this list interesting. It’s the 10 fastest growing UK-listed “dividend achievers”, which I’ve defined as companies that have increased their dividend every year for the last decade. I haven’t taken yields or valuations into account; it’s just a raw list so […]