A course on investing on the stockmarket

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Sensible educational courses on how to invest on the stockmarket are few and far between, which is why I’m happy to promote a new course which will be available soon at the Robertsbridge Community College in East Sussex. Investing on the Stockmarket The course will provide guidance for those who wish to take control of their financial […]

How property investors and stock market investors can apply the same sound investment principles

Investment strategy

Property investing and stock market investing are more similar than most people realise. Of course there are many differences in the details, but long-term investors who are active in either asset class can benefit from the same sound and timeless investment principles. Ben Graham laid out many of these principles almost 80 years ago, but more recently […]

Fundamental dividend indexing – A smart beta approach for income investors

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This guest post is written by Robert Davies of Maven Capital Partners: Rather like cricket scores and the weather forecast, we get used to hearing about stock markets on a regular basis without paying a lot of attention.  In fact stock markets are big businesses in their own right. The first demonstration of that was the […]

Value investing weekly roundup: 12/09/14


This is an idea I’ve stolen from the excellent Monevator site. The idea is to highlight some of the more interesting things I’ve seen during the week on the off-chance that you’ll find them interesting and/or useful too: Morningstar’s guide to financial education – A week-long series of articles from the good people at Morningstar Top […]

Sage shares: Investors may have to wait several years for a high dividend yield

Share price gains

The Sage Group PLC is the UK’s leading accounts software company for small and medium businesses, and is quite possibly the only accounts software company you’ve ever heard of (if you’ve heard of any). It’s been quite a success story too. In 1981, what became the company’s first product started out as a computer program […]

How I’m Increasing my focus on defensive sectors


Although I think of myself as a defensive value investor I’ve never really defined “defensiveness” in terms of the sector that a company operates in. Usually I just look for companies that have a history of profitable growth and dividend payments stretching back at least a decade. If a company has been consistently successful over […]

Legal & General shares: Progressive dividend growth and a decent yield

Investing ROI

If you wanted to you could have bought Legal & General shares for less than 25p in March of 2009. Of course few investors were willing to invest in anything, let alone a finance company, at the exact point in which so many thought the financial world was about to end. Today the shares stand at 240p. […]