Which bank shares to invest in: HSBC?

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If you’re a relatively defensive investor you probably have (or perhaps more accurately, used to have) bank shares near the top of your investment wish list. They’re mostly big, stable companies that have been around for many decades, and even centuries in some cases. Most of the time they grind out profitable dividends year after […]

10 Fast growing UK dividend growth stocks

Dividend Growth Chart

If you’re looking for dividend growth stocks with progressive dividends and rapid growth you might find this list interesting. It’s the 10 fastest growing UK-listed “dividend achievers”, which I’ve defined as companies that have increased their dividend every year for the last decade. I haven’t taken yields or valuations into account; it’s just a raw list so […]

Are BT shares a good investment?

Investing ROI

The last time I looked at BT shares in any detail was 2012, and at the time I wasn’t exactly gushing with enthusiasm.  I thought the company’s results were lacklustre, the valuation so-so and the yield unimpressive.  I didn’t invest. So was I right to avoid BT and, more importantly, are things looking any better today? BT […]

Case Study: 3 Year investment in AstraZeneca PLC returns 17% per year

AstraZeneca share price chart

The Defensive Value Portfolio’s investment in AstraZeneca PLC has been an almost textbook example of how a strong, market-leading company can survive through tough times, and how patient and brave investors can sometimes get lucky.  Investment overview When AstraZeneca was added to the portfolio back in 2011 it was seen as a high risk investment, primarily because of […]

Managing a dividend income retirement portfolio

Rising dividends

Investing for retirement generally has two phases; accumulation and draw-down. Fortunately these two phases can both be accomplished using the same portfolio and in fact the same strategy.  All you have to do is switch from reinvesting dividends to drawing them as a retirement income. I’ve been covering the accumulation phase for a long time […]